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The flagship of the Tannoy Mercury iC range, the Mercury iC6, is a potent in-ceiling loudspeaker ideal for larger rooms or where music performance is critical. Despite its power and performance, a cut out of just 200 mm (8.94”) and depth of 77 mm (3.00”) is required to install the Mercury iC6 to deliver full range performance. Using advance materials the iC6’s 150 mm (6.00”) mid-bass driver and 22 mm (0.87”) tweeter combination offers a class-leading 89 dB efficiency and exceptional power handling. With recommended amplifiers up to 90 watts per channel, the Mercury iC6 is capable of handling 180Watt peak program material and deliver exceptional music performance even at very high sound pressure levels.

The Mercury iC6 tweeter has been engineered to work in harmony with the mid-bass driver, using a potent neodymium magnet system to maintain the high efficiency and power handling across the audio range. Its smooth HF performance, directional mounting pod and wide dispersion characteristics make for a musical and articulate loudspeaker capable of producing true high fidelity performance whatever the installation.

Installing the Mercury iC6 could not be simpler. Featuring a self-adhesive cut-out template, self-aligning clamps and gold plated spring terminals, the iC6 can be installed and running in a matter of minutes. The smooth white bezel and white push-fit grille can be painted with household paint to complement or contrast any room décor. Developed in conjunction with Tannoy’s Mercury series of traditional hi-fi loudspeakers, the Mercury iC6 is ideal for use as a main music loudspeaker or can be integrated as part of a multi-channel home theatre system.

  Drive Unit

Designed to deliver engaging and articulate music reproduction, Mercury iC in-ceiling loudspeakers share much of the driver technology from the Mercury series of traditional hi-fi loudspeakers. The mid-bass driver uses Tannoy's proprietary mineral loaded polypropylene cone that offers exceptionally consistent performance across a wide range of ceiling cavities sizes and construction. The long throw-cone offers high efficiency and high power handling with rich bass and an exceptionally articulate mid-band.The entry-level Mercury iC5 features a 125mm (5.00”) mid-bas cone while the Mercury iC6 is built with a 150mm (6.00”) cone allowing it to deliver bass down to 55Hz in a typical in-ceiling installation. The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and rubber surround create a high excursion mid-bass driver system capable of handling up to 140Watt peak program power for the iC5 and 180Watt peak for the iC6 model. The robust, proven construction materials further enhance the durability and long term reliability of Mercury iC speakers.The Mercury iC tweeter is a 22mm (0.87”) soft dome design with a powerful neodymium magnet system mounted in the centre of the bass driver for outstanding full-range coherence. The Mercury iC tweeter offers outstanding clarity with vocals and smooth, extended upper frequencies ideal for music reproduction. The tweeter’s wide dispersion characteristics are further enhanced by an innovative pivoting mount that allows installers to tailor directionality of the driver to individual rooms and installations.


All of Tannoy’s in-ceiling speakers share the same high quality engineering and cutting edge materials technology. The main chassis and front bezel are moulded from UV stabilised ABS material that offers outstanding resistance to moisture and harsh environmental conditions such as those found in kitchens, bathrooms or pool rooms. The bezel and matching grille are finished in matt white to match the majority of domestic ceilings straight out of the box. For those with more colourful room décor both parts can be painted with standard household paint finishes.To assist with installations in shallow ceilings, the Mercury iC5 required a minimum aperture depth of just 68mm (2.70”) while the larger iC6 can be fitted in cavities as shallow as 77mm (3.00”). Every Mercury iC loudspeaker is supplied with a self-adhesive cut-out template that can simply be stuck to the ceiling and cut around with no traditional marking out required.Continuing the theme of ease of installation, each Mercury iC loudspeaker is fitted with high quality, gold plated spring terminals and four self-aligning clamps that hold the unit securely to the ceiling substrate. Simply place the loudspeaker in the aperture and tighten the screws. For ease of maintenance, the clamps automatically spin out of the way when the screws are released, allowing easy removal and refitting of the loudspeaker. Mercury iC grilles are simply pushed into place and fit flush to the speaker bezel for a smooth, seamless installation.