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LS-1603   Single Bi wire
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Price : 94,900.00 THB
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InAkustik LS-1603  Single Bi wire

The LS-1603 SILVER controls all facets of the sound spectrum: from the subtle symbol clash of a jazz percussionist to the sententious voice of a female soul singer to the roaring final chord of a symphony orchestra. The basis for this is the specially developed high-speed waveguide technology. Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wires are wrapped around a polyethylene core and provided with the proven DUO-PE II insulation. The LS-1603 has 16 of these high-speed waveguides, which are finely tuned to each other and stranded in groups around a Polyethylene support (16-fold multicore). To augment the high-speed waveguide conductor design, the surface of each individual copper wire is silver-plated. This is a more conductive material for high frequencies that are carried on the conductor surface due to the skin effect, and the complex music signal is carried with less loss. This is yet another fine-tuning for crystal clear sound.


  • 16-fold Multicore
  • High Speed waveguide technology
  • Concentric Copper
  • DUO-PE II insulation around each conductor
  • High Power Management
  • The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
  • Insulation 1: foamed PE
  • Insulation 1: massive PE
  • Diameter: 16 mm

High Power Management

The signal current produces magnetic fields around each conductor, which pulse in time with the music. If the conductors have not been stabilised, microvibrations occur. The tightly fitted PE-Network Jacket holds the wires close together and reduces microvibrations. Even at high volumes, the cable transmits extreme dynamic peaks with absolute precision.

High Speed Waveguide

As the frequency increases, more of the signal flows on the conductor surface (skin effect). The high speed waveguide system counteracts this and increases the effective cross-section for a smoother sound. Concentric Copper: If the wires are arranged chaotically, the result is delay time differences. In CC conductors, the wires have a clearly defined arrangement. The signals flow harmoniously and impulses are reproduced exactly.

DUO-PE II Insulation

This insulation consists of two layers of polyethylene. The first layer is foamed with air, which is an ideal insulator. It is surrounded by a solid PE sheath. The air prevents high capacitance, and makes things easier for the amplifier.

PE Network Jacket

Every additional type of material used (e.g. PVC insulation) deteriorates the electrical characteristics of a cable. This is why the Reference cables are braided using a complex method with the PE-Network Jacket. This means the cables consist of only two materials: copper and polyethylene.

Handmade by in-akustik

We have long set the bar very high in regard to quality, because cables and connections are extremely sensitive. Physical phenomena that arise during the transmission of signals can only be controlled with technical finesse and the best materials. For this reason all cables are manufactured in a German cable mill and finished by us in Ballrechten-Dottingen in elaborate manual work.