Product Pre Processor Rotel RSP-1580 (SILVER)
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  • Overview

Surround Preamplifier / Processor


  • HDMI 1.4 Matrix 4 Source x 4 Outputs any source to any output
  • Dual DSP processors
  • 16 x 9 TFT front panel display
  • 10 band parametric EQ
  • Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and dts-HD™Master Audio, dts HD Hi-Resolution
  • Assignable 12 volt triggers
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • i-Pod/i-Phone USB Digital Signal Input
  • 4U cabinet

For nearly 50 years now, Rotel has earned an unrivalled reputation for offering exceptionally high performance for the dollar. Home theatre and music enthusiasts will quickly discover that the new RSP-1580 flagship preamplifier/processor is worthy of the description “world’s best” and yet still offers incredible value. All key areas of its design have been skillfully addressed—digital circuits and signal processing, analog circuits, video switching and the crucial power supply sections.

The RSP-1580 is a true reference preamp/processor, with an overbuilt power supply that is capable of fulfilling the voltage and current demands of a modest size amplifier, let alone a preamplifier. The electrical heart of the RSP-1580 is comprised of a large, efficient, toroidal transformer and special British made BHC capacitors. The stiff power supply provides rock solid performance during large voltage and current swings caused by dramatic movie audio effects and also by musical dynamics. These extreme demands can cause less capable designs to under perform due to an effect called “voltage sag” that results in mushy bass and distortion in the upper frequencies. The RSP-1580 is unflappable under any circumstance.

All audio and video pathways are kept separate and as short as possible to reduce possible interference and distortion. The circuit topology is symmetrical throughout and special attention has been paid to the use of high quality PC boards and proper grounding to further reduce noise and distortion. Unusually, the RSP-1580 can function as a four-way video matrix. That means you can select any source component input and send it to any output. This feature is especially useful if you have more than one video monitor, say a theatre room with an adjacent flat panel, or a bedroom or outdoor TV that you’d like to send an audio/video signal to…or all four! The preamp/processor can handle it with its four HDMI 1.4 inputs and four HDMI 1.4 outputs. Legacy source components such as VHS and CD players have not been forgotten either as the RSP-1580 includes analog inputs for these components.

It is an undisputable fact that the absolute performance of every audio and theater system is influenced by the vagaries of the room acoustics. Therefore, Rotel has thoughtfully included a sophisticated ten-band, parametric equalizer with adjustable Q. This EQ feature ensures that your dealer can fine-tune your system to your room acoustics to optimize the sound quality. “Auto-Eq” systems just don’t measure up to a professionally calibrated system.

The clean appearance of the RSP-1580 is marked by a large 16 x 9 TFT display, which allows easy access to all the set-up and operational menus (On Screen Display is also available.) The TFT display can be configured to remain on, remain off, or stay on for a few seconds when changing system preferences during movie playback. With the RSP-1580, a bewildering and unappealing mass of buttons is replaced by an easily navigated menu system.

As with every Rotel unit ever made, sound quality has remained the paramount objective. Both digital and analog circuits have been optimized at every stage using our Balanced Design Concept to make sure the delivered performance is more than the sum of its parts