Product Streamer Rotel T-14 (BLACK)
T-14 (BLACK)
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T-14 (BLACK)
T-14 (BLACK)
T-14 (BLACK)
31,900 THB.
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Rotel : T-14 (BLACK)

This is not your father’s tuner. While the T14 can receive classic analogue FM stations, it has also been designed to take advantage of Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB+), as well as all popular Internet streaming services. That’s a lot of options, but Rotel’s T14 makes selecting them as simple as the touch of a button. The 30 FM and DAB+ presets provide easy access to all of your favourite music stations.

A near endless supply of music sources are supported by the T14 using the DTS Play-Fi iOS and Android Apps including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Rhapsody, Amazon Music, Deezer and more. Your listening options for radio broadcasts have never been more varied or available at such high quality.*

*subject to station broadcast quality





FM Usable Sensitivity 22.2dBf
FM 50dB Quieting Sensitivity 27.2dBf (Mono)
FM Signal to Noise Ratio (at 70dBf) 65dBf (Mono)
60dBf (Stereo)
FM Harmonic Distortion (at 70dBf) 0.2% (Mono)
0.3% (Stereo)
FM Frequency Response 10Hz - 15kHz ±3dB
FM Stereo Separation (100Hz/1kHz) 35dB/30dB
FM Output Level 1.4V
FM Antenna Input 75Ω F Connector
Network Connection 802.11b/g/a/n Dual Band
Push button setup (WPS)
DAB Sensitivity -80dBm
DAB Tuning Range Band III (174-240MHz)
DAB Audio Date Rate 224Kbps Max
DAB Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.2dB
DAB Analog Output 2.1V at 0dBfs
DAB Antenna Input 75Ω F Connector
Power Requirements 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 16W
Standby Power Consumption 0.5W
Dimensions (W × H × D) 430 × 93 × 334mm
17" × 3.6" × 13.1"
Front Panel Height 80mm (3.15")
Net Weight 5.1kg (11.3lbs.)
BTU Rating 55 BTU/h