Product AcousticBoard (Each) Vicoustic Visquare 60.4 V2 Premium (Black) 1 ชิ้น
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Visquare 60.4 V2 Premium (Black) 1 ชิ้น
Visquare 60.4 V2 Premium (Black) 1 ชิ้น
2,500 THB.
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Vicoustic - Visquare 60.4 V2 Premium (Black) 1 ชิ้น

Place: Wall , Ceiling

Visquare 60.4 V2 Premium consists of advanced acoustic foam technology allowing the highest absorption properties. This panel can have a fabric cover with 8 different colors.

Visquare is designed to perform on medium and high frequencies giving an absorption effect. The effect occurs when sound energy passes through the perforated foam.

Vicoustic’s research has revealed, that perforated foam performs better than standard cut foam. A perforated, 40 mm thick panel gives the same results as a 70 mm standard panel. In addition to increasing the surface absorption, it also works as a sound trap. Visquare’s holes are specifically designed to line-arise the absorption coefficient spectrum.

It is well known that foam absorption is not linear and the higher the frequency, the greater the efficiency. Vicoustic’s research has shown, that there is a particular way to create a flat absorption response with the foam, as seen with Cinema Round Premium and now with Visquare, where the foam is non linear.

Visquare is designed for spaces with a demanding acoustic environment. The high acoustic performance of this panel is due to its open-cell, fine foam structure and perforated surface. This acoustic panel is excellent for absorbing reverberations caused by multiple sound reflections on surfaces. Such reverberations can increase loudness, making music or speech less perceptible, and thus obtrusive to a theatre audience for example.


  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Flame resistant
  • Highly suitable, cost-effective solution for the Hi-Fi, Music and Broadcast industry.

Main Info

Ref: B00592 (Black), B00593 (Grey), B00594 (Bordeaux), B00595 (Beige), B00596 (Natural White), B00597(Brown), B00598 (Blue), B00599 (Orange)

EAN13: 5600301842252
HS Code: 39211310
Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 40 mm
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency: Medium Frequencies
AW: 0.70 (MH)
NRC: 0.750
Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass F
Fire Class France (NF P): M1


Units per Box: 8
Pallet Dimensions: 620 x 620 x 335 mm
Box Weight: 5.4 kg
Box Volume: 0.129 m3

Raw Materials

Material: Fabric, Foam
Foam Type: M1


Fabric Color: Black // Grey // Bordeaux // Beige // Natural White // Brown // Blue // Orange
Edges: Angled


Installation Place: Wall, Ceiling
Fixing Type: Adhesive