Product Cartridge Transrotor MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม)
MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม)
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MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม)
MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม)
MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม)
120,000 THB.
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Transrotor MC FIGARO (หัวเข็ม) 

The Transrotor Figaro is the latest in design from Transrotor's phono cartridge research and development team. It has developed a stand alone quality MC phono cartridge, which has been deleveloped without compromising on both speed and musicality.

The system is manufactured in England by hand. With an output voltage of approximately 0,25mV makes it an ideal playing partner in various quality MC phono preamps, such as the Transrotor PHONO 8 MC SYM.