Product Speaker Center Speaker Gauder Akustik ARCONA-FRC (Piano Highgloss White)
Gauder Akustik
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(Piano Highgloss White)
(Piano Highgloss White)
(Piano Highgloss White)
(Piano Highgloss White)
105,000 THB.
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  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Special multichannel loudspeaker for Arcona-series
  • Can be used as Front-Rear- or Centerspeaker
  • Acoustically favourable cabinet shape
  • High-pass filtered
  • Very high power handling
  • Symmetrized crossover
  • Ultrahigh-slope crossover of 50-dB/octave
  • New XPulse diaphragm for bass/midrange
  • New Air-Motion-Transformer as tweeter
  • WBT-Nextgen binding posts
  • Front-grille · Pedestal available

Our new ARCONA-series inhibiting all the state-of-the-arttechnologies of all our award-winning loudspeakers (formerly known as Isophon) is offering now perfect sound in the affordable High-End segment. You will be amazed by the clear, transparent sound and the high resolution. And for a wonderful spaciousness our loudspeakers are already legendary. How we do it? Please take your time and follow the notes and explanations for all GAUDER AKUSTIK specific technologies which are unique in the world.

The top-class of tweeters –
our new GAUDER AKUSTIK air-motion-transformer

All loudspeakers of our ARCONA-series work with an incredibly fast AMT-tweeter. Its super-strong FeNdB (Iron-Neodymium- Bor)-Magnet accelerates the diaphragm so fast that it reaches a resolution which was not believed to be possible – and this in combination with a very high efficiency. This tweeter which was invented and developed by Oscar Heil consists of a harmonica-like diaphragm which carries electrically conducting circuit paths. As this diaphragm is placed in a strong magnetic field the single harmonica pockets are contracted and extracted in the rhythm of the applied current. Thus sound is irradiated.Through the harmonica principle the air molecules are accelerated five times higher than by normal dome tweeters. It doesn’t matter if you listen to pop, jazz or classical music – we can promise you this experience of pure fascination by the dynamical, transparent and natural sound of all our ARCONA loudspeakers.

WBT Binding-posts – all the best from the global market leader

Even the best loudspeaker and amplifier cannot provide good sound if there is a bad connection in between them. To avoid all distortions and losses we have equipped the loudspeakers of the ARCONA series with the best available on the world market – the new WBT Nextgen binding-posts. Famous for their know-how and innovations WBT has always made research for best-sounding connectors, binding-posts or RCA plugs taking over the global leadership. So as an ARCONAowner
you will profit from this ultimate knowledge. The WBT binding posts and the connector plates are delivered in white for ARCONA speakers in white piano high-gloss and in black for blackhigh-gloss and cherry.

Technical Specifications
Operational principle 2 ½ ways, closed-box
Bassreflex closed-box
Highpass filter yes
Woofer 2 x 5”
Midrange  -
Tweeter AMT
Impedance [Ohm] 4
Sine power handling [W] 160
Height (cm) [inch] 21 [8.3”]
Width (cm) [inch] 48 [19”]
Depth (cm) [inch] 35 [13.8”]
Weight (kg) [lbs] 17 [38]
Efficiency normal
Frequency range wide
Warranty 10 years

Cherry piano high gloss White piano high gloss Black