Product Speaker Computer Speaker KEF X-300A (BLACK)
X-300A (BLACK)
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X-300A (BLACK)
X-300A (BLACK)
X-300A (BLACK)
X-300A (BLACK)
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32,900 THB.
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Bringing true hi-fi sound quality to the tracks you play from your computer, laptop, tablet, MP3 player or smartphone, X300A digital hi-fi speakers feature KEF’s sophisticated Uni-Q array, driven by two dedicated on-board amps - one for each frequency range. With a high resolution 96kHz/24-bit USB input and simple digital speaker connection, even familiar tracks suddenly seem incomparably richer, subtler and more emotionally powerful.


A dedicated high quality DAC in each speaker virtually eliminates interference by separating decoding from playback, allowing the X300A system to reproduce the full depth and complexity of high resolution music files to the same standard as the artist intended. All this high end technology is complemented by the award-winning Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array derived from KEF’s flagship speaker, the Blade. The result is a spacious, accurate and exquisitely detailed sound field, whatever device your music is played from.