Product Music Server AVM OVATION ML 8.2 S (Black)
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OVATION ML 8.2 S (Black)
OVATION ML 8.2 S (Black)
OVATION ML 8.2 S (Black)
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AVM OVATION ML 8.2 S (Black)


Music server for music ripping & mastering  
built in 1 TB high end SSD 
2 stereo outputs cinch and XLR
3 years warranty for parts"

The Design

The AVM Music library has been designed to store your complete digital music collection, however large it may be, so now your CD collection can literally disappear. The ML 8.2’s design and functionality reflects this simplicity by using the absolute minimum of controls and buttons, leaving you to concentrate purely on listening to music.

The Technology

The ML 8.2 S comes equipped with a 1 TB SSD storage capacity for digital music data. The S in it’s model name stands for SSD.

The Sound

The ML 8.2T incorporates the OVATION Tube Linestage based on the OVATION PA 8 tube module. This tube module uses the AVM 803T propriatory tubes. The tube stage is the first amplification stage that the musical signal ’sees’ right after the DAC and the T in the model name indicates the use of this tube stage. So now you can have the charming tube sound in a music server. All the other functionality is identical to the ML 8.2 and ML 8.2S.

The Functionality

In the .2 generation of the ML 8 many functions have been optimised and some new functions have been added. The current manual is now being added to be displayed in the APP directly. The import function has been vastly improved so that more information (tagging, meta data) can be recognised, administrated and edited. Most importantly, the sound quality of the Master-RIPP function has also been greatly improved and now delivers a much higher quality result when ripping CD.

OVATION ML 8.2 family in brief:

  • High End Music Server for CD-Ripping/Mastering: Master Ripp and Smart Ripp with a choice of WAV or FLAC files being stored as a result
  • Digital music formats with up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution can be stored
  • Playable music formats (excerpts): FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, ACC, APE, AAC+ AIFF up to 192kHz/24 bit
  • High-End Music-Track Caching with 1,5 GB cache
  • Intuitive GUI for iPad / iPod touch / iPhone with AVM APP
  • Unique Data base management: Capacity for even the largest music collections and thanks to the enormous computing power, rapid access is accomplished independent of the library size
  • Finder system allows a simplified and simultaneous search for Artist, Titel and Album.
  • Search criteria may be customized easily
  • Special data base functions allow management of tagging functions. Classical music collections can be managed with ease
  • All functions are accessible vie the APP, no computer is necessary for editing tagging informations and cover art
  • Easy creation and management of playlists i.e. with quick-playlist
  • Professional SSD storage with 1 TB as a standard (may be expanded to 2 TB)
  • Safety and back-up kit: Easy Back-up functionality via preconfigurated NAS
    Server function for multiroom application: UPnP streaming protocol for i.E. Sqeeze Box or Sonos
  • No Fan:the ML 8.2 is designed to work in very warm environments, no fan is built in
  • OVATION Line housing design with massive polished aluminum components

With the second generation of ML Music Libraries AVM scales new heights. The new generation of the OVATION Line ML music server is now based on pure SSD technology. This creates a music server that has no moving parts in playback mode and this way creates no noise at all. The ML 8.2 has no fan for cooling as the massive aluminum housing serves as the the heatsink itself.

In this OVATION line unit we combine a superb playback system for digital music data with the ability to store this data sonically perfectly. Vast functionality i.e. for changing and editing tagging information, assign cover arts directly from you iPhone (or iPad), music imports and exports may be intuitively controlled from your iPhone or iPad. A PC is never required for controlling any of the functions of the ML 8.2, this way the computer is kept away from the Hifi system.

Everybody would love to have this: Owning a large music collection and finding your favorite tracks quickly within this very large collection. Finding background information about the album played and combining favourites quickly and easily into playlists. Playback of all sorts of digital formats up to 192/24 resolution at the highest possible quality, for the maximum level of enjoyment. No sound from the moving parts (in the ML 8S) and availability of the digital files all across the house. This is the ML from AVM.

With the OVATION Line ML 8.2S and ML 8.2T we have decided to create a digital playback system in a class of it’s own which fulfills our uncompromised goal for perfect music reproduction combined with modern comfortable operation. Here we have looked for a completely new solution. It may seem unusual to omit the display on the ML but we have only moved it and put it on your lap. A plentiful number of easy-to-use functions are at your service. This is done via the AVM APP operated on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. As an option we may also preconfigure your iPad.

The ML 8.2 may be configured according your personal needs. We offer memory bank expansions up to 2 TB SSD. Digital inputs, safety-kits, back-up kits and many more options are available and will be configured by your dealer. The ML is available in silver, black and as an option with the traditional chrome front. Our retailers will be glad to configure the ML according to your needs and install it perfectly in your environment. The modular concept makes the ML 8 future proof.

There is one more thing: Enjoy the fantastic sound performance during an audition at your local dealer. The AVM Music Libraries will give you a quality of sound performance and enjoyment that you just have to experience.

Technical Data

  • Storage (standard version): 1TB SSD
  • Max. Storage (option): 2TB SSD
  • Playable formats (excerpt): FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, ACC, APE, AAC, AIFF up to 192kHz/24 bit
  • DAC: Upsampling function up to 192kHz/24bit
  • DA Converter ML 8.2: ULTRA DAC up to 192kHz/24bit
  • Network: UPnP streaming protocol
  • Ethernet: LAN, WLAN as an option
  • Playmode: True gapless
  • W x H x D: 430 x 130 x 355 mm
  • Weight: ca. 15 Kg (depending on options)
  • Colors and finishes: Aluminum silver or black anodized (Chrome front optional)

Remote Control App for iOS (PuristHDR)