Product Speaker Stand B&W FS-CM S2 (Stand) (Black) (DEMO) สินค้าตัวโชว์
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FS-CM S2 (STAND) (BLACK) (DEMO) สินค้าตัวโชว์
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FS-CM S2 (Stand) (Black)
(DEMO) สินค้าตัวโชว์
FS-CM S2 (Stand) (Black)
(DEMO) สินค้าตัวโชว์
FS-CM S2 (Stand) (Black)
(DEMO) สินค้าตัวโชว์
24,900 THB.
16,900 THB.
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The FS-CM S2 speaker stands have been designed specifically for the new CM S2 range of bookshelf and stand-mount speakers including the CM1 S2, CM5 S2 and CM6 S2.

This elegant floor stand raises the speakers to the correct listening height and provides a stable, rigid support ensuring that you get the very best from your speakers.

The heavy, cast iron base ensures stability and the extruded aluminium columns may be filled with sand to add mass and damping.

The stand is available either in black or silver, floor spikes are included.