Product Cable Analog Interconnect InAkustik NF-1203 RCA (1.0M)
NF-1203 RCA (1.0M)
Category : Analog Interconnect
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NF-1203 RCA (1.0M)
NF-1203 RCA (1.0M)
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InAkustik REFERENZ NF-1203 RCA (1.0M) 

Four high-speed signal conductors provide the signal transport for the NF- 1203. The DUO-PE II insulation and the air-filled PE tubes reduce undesired capacitance. The GAP II screening of the NF-1203 consists of lacquerinsulated wires. It prevents the formation of interfering eddy currents. The PE network jacket also prevents micro-vibrations. Another highlight is the solid Reference XLR plugs, which round out the two-way symmetry of this connection. As with the NF-1603, the NF-1203 is available either with GAP II cinch plugs or as an XLR version. 


  • High Speed Signal Conductor
  • Doublesymmetrical Design Doublesymmetrical Design
  • DUO-PE II Insulation DUO-PE II Insulation
  • 3-fold PE-Tube Insulation 3-fold PE-Tube Insulation
  • GAP ll Screening GAP ll Screening
  • PE-Network Jacket PE-Network Jacket


The NF-1203 has fine stranded signal wires, with each individual wire having a lacquer coating. This coating insulates the wires from each other which creates a larger effective conductor surface. It also prevents eddy currents between the wires. A conductor that can also transmit extremely dynamic signal sequences very quickly and precisely. 


(NF-803, NF-1203, NF-1603)