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The P-05 features VRDS-NEO "VMK-5" mechanism - a completely new development by ESOTERIC, incorporating high reliability and exceptionally quiet turntable rotation. In combination with the P-03 series shaft-mounted pickup system, the"VMK-5" ensures the ultimate in disc-pit traceability!

VRDS-NEO "VMK-5" mechanism - incorporating high reliability and exceptionally quiet turntable rotation
VRDS-NEO(VMK-5) The VRDS-NEO "VMK-5" mechanism is a completely new development by ESOTERIC and an evolution of 20 years of ESOTERIC turntable disc drive mechanisms. The new"VMK-5" is optimized for high speed disc rotation of Super Audio CD software, incorporating a high precision aluminum turntable. 
The polycarbonate anti-resonance disc is attached to the turntable to reduce unwanted resonance associated with single material turntable design. As a result of this engineering implementation, the "VMK-5" keeps the rotational inertia within a minimum level, as compared to the other turntable designs.This ensures high reliability, controlled resonance and extremely quiet operation.
Highly rigid BMC + steel hybrid turntable bridge component The turntable bridge component incorporates a highly rigid BMC (Bulk Molding compound) + a steel hybrid material design. The BMC has a high specific gravity and high internal loss, helping to enable high precision cast molding. This hybrid design reduces unwanted motor noise and vibration, while ensuring very smooth turntable rotation. ESOTERIC's proprietary disc loading mechanism The series of operation from the tray closing (opening), to the disc clamping (release), is managed by a unique disc loading mechanism which uses ESOTERIC's proprietary "differential gear" system. The "differential gear" system enables exceptionally smooth disc loading operations compared to conventional designs, thanks to the seamless engagement of the tray and disc clamp gears during the entire loading operation. (JP PAT. 2861798 TEAC CORPORATION) Turntable motor spindle design The turntable motor is placed under the turntable and the spindle is temporarily disconnected from the turntable to accept the disc during loading operation (PAT. Pend.). With this implementation, the "VMK-5"applies VRDS technology in a compact and low-profile design. The short spindle shaft design contributes to very stable turntable rotation, eliminating vibration and random movements associated with long shaft designs.The spindle motor incorporates a Frequency Generation ("FG"), sensor enabling self detection of rotational speed. This design provides ultra fast motor response and optimal speed control capability. By comparison, conventional mechanisms cannot detect motor speed before reading disc information.
Pickup structure designed to prevent laser optical axis tilting during lens movement
Pickup structure ESOTERIC developed an ingenious component structure for driving the pickup lens using a highly accurate shaft-mounted laser pickup assembly. This system ensures that the laser optical axis is always positioned at the very center of the pit track for optimal reading, making it possible to minimize the adverse effects of disc surface shaking and offset tracking. This highly accurate pickup system (also used by ESOTERIC in the P-01 and the P-03 transports), and vibration-free VRDS turntable are the primary factors defining the outstanding mechanical performance of the P-05.
Rich and high speed power supply capability The large toroidal transformer has a highly efficient power supply capability. This provides electric power to the drive mechanism and audio circuits very quickly, without adding noise or distortion to the internal circuitry. CD digital audio output features PCM signal up-conversion The P-05 can output up-converted digital audio signals and a high precision crystal clock oscillator reduces jitter within the signal path. The up-convert function offers fs 88.2kHz (?2) and fs 176.4kHz (?4). (DSD/1bit 64fs signal for Super Audio CD is directly transmitted without up-conversion.)
Word synchronization
Rear panel of P-05 The P-05 features a WORD SYNC input terminal to accept an incoming external WORD clock signal. The input can operate with 44.1/88.2/100/176.4 kHz clock signals. The unit can also operate using an ESOTERIC original 100kHz Universal Clock signal (Single freq. compatible w/ SACD/CD and DVD). The incoming ultra-stable clock signal produced by external components such as a master clock sync generator, effectively upgrade the unit, delivering higher performance with better detail and a more natural sound. Because master clocks generate a signal to re-time the DAC and transport, transparency, staging, imaging and detail often improve.
i.LINK (IEEE1394), interface with flow-rate-control
iLINK circuit Audio grade i.LINK (IEEE1394), circuit designed by ESOTERIC with flow-rate-controltechnology provides jitter free signal transmission. High grade digital signals read from Super Audio CD sources can be transmitted to other i.LINK devices equipped withflow-rate-control (i.e. the ESOTERIC D-05). The signal receiving device controls the signal sender by using a high precision clock signal, optimizing the flow rate of the transmitted signal. This system fully enhances the performance and the quality of the Super Audio CD signal.
(i.LINK terminals: 4-pin ?1, 6-pin ?1).
Highly rigid chassis construction for optimal resonance control capability
TOP Window The front panel is made of thick extruded aluminum and the top and side panels are made of 5mm thick aluminum. The bottom chassis is attached with an 8 mm thick stabilizer disc on top (inside the chassis), and a 5mm thick steel plate on the bottom. Combined with three pinpoint isolation feet made of quenched steel, this chassis design isolates the unit from external vibrations, allowing precise mechanism mounting and highly-rigid, resonance-free system construction. The VRDS-NEO "VMK-5" and its operation are visible from the top panel window. The mechanism is illuminated with LEDs (except for the pickup is in its operation), enhancing both it's mechanical and cosmetic appeal.