Product Cable Analog Interconnect Accustic Arts Reference line XLR 1 m.
Accustic Arts
Category : Analog Interconnect
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Reference line XLR 1 m.
Reference line XLR 1 m.
Reference line XLR 1 m.
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49,900 THB.
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37,900 THB.
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Accustic Arts  Reference line XLR 1 m.

Principal Design

The ACCUSTIC ARTS® REFERENCE LINE balanced is a premium class interconnect cable which is excellently matched to the requirements of balanced transmission. Worthy of note are its two thin wire conductors in high quality silver alloy and coaxial design and also its highly efficient shielding with high-purity OFC copper braid.

A finely matched dielectric in high-tech plastic and an exactly defined configuration ensure a very natural and warm sound experience with full-bodied bass and refined high frequencies. The ultra-precise XLR connectors (24k gold plated) are taken from the high-end performance series of Furutech®, the internationally respected manufacturer, to make the REFERENCE LINE balanced cable a real winner.

  • Extremely high quality, balanced interconnect cable
  • Thin-wire conductor in high-purity silver alloy
  • Cross-section of inner conductor: 2 x 1.2 mm²
  • High quality conductor insulation with high-tech plastic
  • Fine-tuned, low capacity (54 pF)
  • Very low damping
  • Perfectly designed EMC shielding (ultra-dense cross-braiding) in pure copper (OFC)
  • Fully assembled with premium connector from Furutech® (XLR, 24k gold plated)
  • Soldered exclusively with silver solder
  • Standard length: 1 m
  • Handmade in Germany