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Response DB-3 (EBONY)
Response DB-3 (EBONY)
Response DB-3 (EBONY)
Response DB-3 (EBONY)
89,900 THB.
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PROAC : Response DB-3 (EBONY)

A new high end stand mounting loudspeaker at an affordable price. Better efficiency and a rich sound belies their size.

Small high quality loudspeakers have become very popular, being less of an eyesore whilst reproducing some quite respectable sound quality. The new Response DB3 has a similar cabinet size to the Response DB1. There are structural and visual differences to the cabinet of the Response DB3, it also employs a new bass driver and crossover which have been chosen for their exceptional performance with a more affordable price.

The new Response DB3 has a wonderfully rich and extended bass quality, loaded with a single reflex port in the rear of the cabinet. The tweeter is our ProAc one inch soft dome used in many other ProAc designs. This one inch silk dome has a superbly flat response with electrostatic type detail and sweetness to its qualities.

A newly designed bass driver with a special surround and dust cap, allows extra information from the voice coil giving a smoother transition of frequencies to our one inch dome tweeter. The bass driver is a long throw design with a raised spider and linear motor system. The new bass driver is responsible for the remarkable bass extension.


Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifiers 20 to 100 watts
Frequency Response 38Hz to 30kHz
Sensitivity 88.5 db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
Cabinet Heavy, inert construction damped with special material and featuring slim, rigid front baffle design to aid dispersion.
Bass/Midrange ProAc 5 inch long throw unit with mikapulp cone and transparent dust cap.
Tweeter ProAc 1 inch silk dome with special coolant.
Crossover Finest components on dedicated circuit board.
Multistrand oxygen free copper cable throughout.
Split for optional Bi wiring or Bi amplification
Dimensions 12.5" (320mm) high,
7.28" (182mm) wide,
10.4" (280mm) deep
Weight 19.6lbs (8.8 Kgs) each
Mode Stand mounted
Grille Acoustically transparent crimplene
Finish Standard Finishes:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Walnut.
Premium Finishes:
Rosewood, Ebony, Burr Oak.

*Premium Finishes to order at extra cost*