Product Best Budget 2 Channel OCTAVE V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
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V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
V 40 SE + 805D3
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422,900 THB.
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OCTAVE : V 40 SE+B&W 805D3
Stereo 2 X 40 watt/4 ohm

The V 40 SE is a line level integrated amplifier with 2 x 40 W peak output power. He is a further development and direct descendant of the successful V 40 and V 50 amplifier models. His powerful, clear bass fundamentals and his captivating resolution in the high frequencies win much respect. His unique features lift the V 40 SE into the 21st Century, while his performance earned him the rare “Stereoplay Highlight” (issue 07-2009), a prestigious award bestowed by the German high-end audio magazine Stereoplay.

The V 40 SE output stage consists of two power pentodes (Type 6550) for each channel. Due to the BIAS Control and Monitoring System, the use of other pin-compatible output tubes is possible to match the amplifier to personal taste, or to benefit from new or improved tubes.

Like all OCTAVE Amps the, V 40 SE is based on the enhanced pentode configuration. This configuration ensures the absolute stability of the amplifier against the unstable impedance of the loudspeaker. Impedance mismatch is without consequence, and the V 40 SE is stable down to a 2 Ohm Load. An important contributor to this stability is the single impedance output transformer.
The V 40 SE is the perfect amp for speakers with an average efficiency rating.But not only is the low impedance capability an advantage, with his exceptional Signal-to-Noise ratio of –110dB / Full Power he is also an ideal partner for high efficiency loudspeakers.


In – and Outputs
The V 40 SE features a total of five single-ended (RCA) inputs (including the Home Theatre Bypass input). Outputs included are one RCA Record output, one regulated Preamplifier output and one Loudspeaker output.

Black Box Connector
OCTAVE, with the Black Box technology, offers an upgrade path for optimizing the OCTAVE amplifier in respect to the speaker. This flexibility is a unique feature of the OCTAVE brand.

The dynamic and tonal stability of an amplifier is strongly dependent upon the stability and capacity of the power supply, therefore the Black Box and Super Black Box were developed as external upgrades to the OCTAVE amplifiers’ power supply storage capacitors by increasing their capacitance by a factor of 4 (Black Box or 10 (Super Black Box), respectively. This is a tremendous benefit if the speaker is difficult to drive. Loudspeaker efficiency is made less critical, while the amplifier is enabled to handle speakers with extremely low minimum impedances.

A forward looking feature of OCTAVE is the unique ECOMODE power saving electronic circuitry developed to reduce heat and unnecessary power consumption when the amplifier is switched on but not in use. This electronic system controls the power condition and reduces power consumption when the amplifier does not receive a signal for a period exceeding 10 minutes. In this “sleep” mode, the V 40 SE draws only 20 W idle current. Virtually no heat is produced by the unit, and the heater voltage and the high voltage for the power amplifier section are switched off. When a signal is detected by the V 40 SE, the Ecomode circuit will turn the amplifier back on, with a warm-up/start-up delay of approximately 30 seconds before the unit will operate. Ecomode also serves to increase the lifetime of the tubes, while having an added benefit of improved safety allowing the V 40 SE owner a level of security against any problems when leaving the unit powered on.

BIAS Adjustment
The Output stage of the V 40 SE operates in Class A/B, and therefore requires an adjustable BIAS regulation. The highly sophisticated yet extremely simple yet accurate BIAS calibration system is accessed on the front panel of the unit. It utilizes external precision bias trim pots and LED confirmation, allowing the user to readily monitor the output tubes and simply correct their bias individually at the front panel - without the need of a micrometer let alone any special knowledge or tools.

The correct BIAS is vital for the constant sound quality of the V 40 SE. Due to this facility there is no need for a technician to service the V 40 SE for changing or tubes or to check their condition. The precision of this user friendly system is within 0.5% accuracy.

Power Management and Protection System
The V 40 SE is equipped with a multi-stage Soft-Start/Turn-On protection circuit which extends component as well as tube life considerably by protecting against stress caused by typical high inrush currents during switch-on. The unit starts in a defined sequence, with the Protection System monitoring the V 40 SE completely, and activated whenever a malfunction is detected. Once the Protection is activated, the V 40 SE is powered down.


Basic Model V 40 SE Line
Tube Complement 4 x 6550, optional KT88
Design Aluminium silver or Aluminium black
Add On Modules Black-Box and Super Black Box
Power Output 2 x 40 Watt into 4 Ohm
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 70 kHz @ 40 W -1 / -3 dB
5 Hz – 70 kHz @ 10 W -0 / -2 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,1% @ 10 Watt into 4 Ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -110 dB / 40 W
Noise / Ripple < 300 μV
Optimum Speaker Impedance 3 – 16 Ohm
Minimum Speaker Impedance 2 Ohm
No-load current 28 mA - BIAS low, 34 mA - BIAS high
  • Push Pull Pentode Circuit
  • Negative Grid Voltage adjustable for each tube
  • with 3 turn Precision Regulators,
  • Wideband Output Transformers using Silicon steel PMZ Core,
  • single Impedance Output,
  • Optimum Load Impedance 3 - 10 Ohm
  • Nominal Speaker Impedance,
  • Effieciency greater than 85dB,
  • Amplifier remains stable with
  • No Load and Output short circuited
General Facts  
Power Consumption 350 W
Weight 18,6 kg
Standard Accessory Power Cord, 3 mm Screwdriver, IR-Remote Control
 Dimensions (in mm)