Product Speaker Stand Target Audio HS-60 (24") (คู่)
Target Audio
HS-60 (24") (คู่)
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HS-60 (24
HS-60 (24

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17,900 THB.
16,110 THB.
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Target Audio : HS-60 (24") 
Target HS-Series Speaker Stands 

Top quality loudspeaker stand compatible with large and/or heavy stand-mount and bookshelf loudspeakers. 1 large riser  Includes: Risers, top and bottom plates, floor spikes, top plate isolation spikes and pads, screws, assembly instructions Packed as pairs

The all steel, high mass, high rigidity speaker stand simply did not exist before it was originally developed by Target Audio Products (UK) in 1981.  Wood and other speaker stand materials never could and still cannot, provide the dramatic improvement to sound quality that Target Audio Products stands provide to your performance speakers or monitors

  • Top Plate HRS 0.090" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D
  • Base Plate HRS 0.187" x 9.0"W x 11.0"D Weighs 18 to 22 lbs. per stand
  • Robustly Styled and Media Fillable​

HS Series provides all benefits above and further improves bass 
and focus of speakers due to their increased mass