Product Line Conditioner-Stabilizer Clef Powerbridge-8 Silver (20A)
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Powerbridge-8 Silver (20A)
Powerbridge-8 Silver (20A)
9,400 THB.
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Clef : Powerbridge-8 Silver (20A)

The PowerBRIDGE from Clef Audio is the perfect solution for those who require a cost effective way to remove mains noise and distribute power efficiency. Although affordable but our care values have not been compromised, each unit features surge protection and our proprietary POLARIS X FILTER,VEGA FILTER II and ZX-FILTER technology, reducing products talking to each other via the main supply. The unit is simple to install,LED indicators illuminate when Phase, Ground of you AC line input are OK and when the PowerBRIDGE is Powered.A dedicated Ground post allows for the grounding of other sensitive electronics within the system. For those who seek increased performance or would later upgraded, the PowerBRIDGE design is flexible to use with Hight-End quality receptacle e.g.Furutech

Technical Specification

Current rating: 20 amps
Operating Voltage: 190 to 250VAC
Spike Protection Modes: L-N,N-G,L-G,zero grond leakage
Spike Clamping Voltage: 710 Vpk @200 amps
Response time: 1 nanosecond
Maximum surge current: 26,000 amps (8 x 20 mS pulse)
Maximum spike energy: 760 Joules L-N,190 Joules L-G and
N-G, 1,140 Joules total
Noise attenuation: >10 dB @ 10 kHz
>46 dB @ 100 kHz
>100 dB @ 1-10 MHZ