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Gauder Akustik
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Vescova MK II Ceramic tweeter (White)
(Demo) สินค้าตัวโชว์ราคาพิเศษ
Vescova MK II Ceramic tweeter (White)
(Demo) สินค้าตัวโชว์ราคาพิเศษ
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  • Overview

Gauder Akustik Vescova MK II (Olive)

  • 2½ -way-loudspeaker system
  • Threefold room equalization system
  • Sand-filled cabinet
  • The step into the ceramic loudspeaker world
  • Many awards
  • 50-dB high slope frequency crossover
  • Perfect stage imaging
  • Ultra-clean sound
  • High Dynamics, high resolution
  • Equipped with Accuton ceramics and diamond drive-units
  • WBT binding posts of highest quality

The Technique of the Vescova

The Vescova is a 2 ½-way speaker. The lower woofer is only used for working in the lowest frequency region – only up to 130 Hz. This woofer is backed by a vented enclosure with the port firing down thus increasing efficiency. We choose a low cut-off frequency to prevent this woofer from radiating into the frequency region of human voices. The second, upper woofer faces a sealed enclosure on its back and plays up to 3200 Hz where the tweeter is taking over. As this woofer is emitting the most important frequency region – the mids – we choose a sealed enclosure as vented enclosures always colorate the sound due to cabinet and vent resonances. In contradiction a vented enclosure goes down deeper and the air of the vent is supporting the woofer for the deepest bass.

But can these two different principles be used in the same speaker? Yes, they can but it took us a lot of calculations to match the vented and sealed acoustical output. The Vescova is, to our knowledge, the first speaker in the world ever to work in such a way! Now you can profit from the benefits of both systems: deep and precise
bass, uncolorated mids and finest highs. As with our other ceramic speakers you can also choose between our ceramic or diamond tweeter. The diamond diaphragm is even harder and lighter than the ceramic diaphragm, still more consequent in direction of hard materials. To our and many others’ opinion the diamond tweeter is the best tweeter in the world. It goes up to 80,000 Hz and shows no resonances in the audible range by providing perfect impulse response. The best loudspeaker material ever!

The enclosure

The shape of the Vescova unites elegance and stability. Stiffness and stability are provided by pressing and glueing different wooden materials into the Vescova’s bent shape. The enclosure of the Vescova is built up like a sandwich: an inner panel of threefold, flexible plywood is followed by a slitted MDF-layer which is covered by a thin aluminium layer to the out-side. Such a sandwich construction is stiffer, harder and lighter than a usual wood enclosure. It therefore shows lower tendency to vibrate and resonate reducing enclosure effects dramatically. As we fill in 1.8 kg of quartz-sand in each sidewall we additionally increase the damping and eliminate sound
transmission through the walls further.


Construction: 2½-Way-Speiaker
Impedance [Ohm] 4
Power Handling [Watt] 340
Height [cm] 106
Width [cm] 21
Depth [cm] 41
Weight [kg]: 26