Product Power Amp OCTAVE MRE 220SE (KT150) (Black) (คู่)
MRE 220SE (KT150) (BLACK) (คู่)
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MRE 220SE (KT150) (Black) (คู่)
MRE 220SE (KT150) (Black) (คู่)
MRE 220SE (KT150) (Black) (คู่)
1,275,000 THB.
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Octave MRE 220SE (KT150) (Black) 

The history of the Octave MRE mono power amplifiers goes back to 1994. The first series was called MRE 120. From the beginning, the idea behind this development was to develop tube power amplifiers that would transfer the charm of the tube to a variety of loudspeakers. Therefore, dynamics, pure
performance, bandwidth and absolute stability are the prerequisites to achieve this goal. A key feature of this new series of mono power amplifiers was the development of our advanced pentode circuit. This design found its way into all of our top amplifiers, including the Jubilee series. The MRE 120 received a lot of praise and was replaced in 2004 by the further development MRE 130. 10 years of experience with the 120 made improvements in detail and refinements in the design possible. 9 years later, in 2013, a major overhaul was undertaken. The newly developed KT 120 power tube enabled more power reserves and an even greater bandwidth of the power amplifier. Long listening tests with a newly developed output transformer and power supply led to the MRE 220:
Their special properties are extremely high reliability with the highest tonal finesse. The MRE 220 is the optimal power amplifier for an unusually wide range of combinations. Whether in BI amping with horn systems or solo with a variety of top speakers on the world market: the MRE 220 is rock solid.

Now, again 10 years later - the next step: The MRE 220 becomes the MRE 220 SE. Many new loudspeaker concepts with high resolution in the midrange and the triumph of high-resolution digital formats lead to an unprecedented quality of playback. Despite all efforts, developing a power amplifier that harmonizes perfectly with all loudspeakers is - as experience shows - almost impossible. The requirements of the loudspeaker are too different in terms of power delivery, bandwidth and, as can now be seen, also the damping factor (or negative feedback) of the power amplifier.In listening tests with
different loudspeakers, variable negative feedback with an impact on the attenuation factor emerged as an important new tool.

With this absolutely unique adjustment option within the power amplifier, the interaction of the MRE 220 SE with speakers can be optimized almost perfectly. The MRE 220 SE therefore has a switch with which you can choose between the damping factor low and high (or negative feedback low and high).
This is a completely new approach to the problem of a power amplifier that has to cope as well as possible with all speakers available on the market. However, the result speaks for itself: an incredibly clear, spacious reproduction with a perfectly embedded midrange, free of any impurities and a silky
beautiful tonal balance, and this with (almost) all speakers



  • double sided PCBs using 70μ copper
  • ceramic tube bases with silver contacts
  • specially selected and burned-in long-life tubes
  • professional, low inductance electrolytic capacitors, LH grade 105° C
Power Output between 15 and 30 W selectable
Power bandwidth 20 Hz - 50 kHz / - 3 dB
Gain Gain low 19,5 db @ 4 Ohm; 22,5 dB @ 8 Ohm
Gain high 30 dB @ 4 Ohm; 33 dB @ 8 Ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio @ 20W Gain high > 100 dB; Gain low > 110 dB
Damping factor 4,5
Input Sensitivity Gain high 0,5 V; Gain low 1,7V 
Connections 1 x Cinch, 1 x XLR Input
4 and 8 Ohm Loudspeaker Outputs
Features Bias Selektor, BIAS Messgerät, ECO Mode
General Facts  
Power Consumption 400 Watt at full power
Weight 60 kg each Amplifier
Standard Accessory Power cord, Screwdriver
Dimensions H x W x D = 660 mm x 240 mm x 400 mm