Product Cable ZenSati #X Zensati ZenSati #X RCA (1.0M)
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ZenSati #X RCA (1.0M)
ZenSati #X RCA (1.0M)
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ZenSati - ZenSati#X RCA (1.0M)

As ZenSati celebrates 10 years anniversary, we are excited to introduce the ZenSati #X collection. With the exclusive gold plated and ZPM technology, we bridge the gap between technology and design.

Exclusive gold plated and
ZPM technology

With ZenSati #X our goal was to produce the best audio cable loom on the market and we can confidently say that the ZenSati #X have an extremely fine tonal balance because of the combination of shields, dielectrics and conductors. ZenSati #X is for the specialist and audiophile where there won’t be any compromises in cable loom and setup.

ZenSati #X Configuration and Condition

1. ZenSati #X is in general with a special Gold-plated conductor.
2. ZenSati #X is heavy mechanical damped.
3. ZenSati #X Speaker and Power cord are massive shielded.
4. ZenSati #X Interconnect, Digital, USB, Phono and Ethernet are double shielded.
5. ZenSati #X is in gold-plated aluminum ZenSati exclusive design.
6. ZenSati #X will only be sold in complete full loom. That means Speaker, Jumper, Interconnect, Phono, USB, Ethernet, Power Cords, Digital and Ground. No other brands of cables are accepted.
7. ZenSati #X will be shipped in big aluminum flight case.
8. ZenSati #X will under normal circumstances be installed by Mark Johansen himself for the end-user. (Because of the pandemic Corona virus/COVID-19 situation this is not possible at this moment)
9. ZenSati #X have life-time warranty if we have all data of the end-user and signature for no resale.