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Gauder Akustik
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FRC White Ceramic tweeter
FRC White Ceramic tweeter
219,500 THB.
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  • Overview

Isophon : FRC White Ceramic tweeter

  • 2½ -ways
  • Front-, Rear-, Centerspeaker
  • Multichannel completion speaker
  • Available with high pass filter for increased power rating
  • Incedibly high dynamics and speech intelligibility
  • 50-dB-high slope frequency crossover
  • Sand-filled cabinet
Ceramic diaphragms – HighTech Made in Germany!

Since more than 20 years now the company of Thiel in Germany is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of ceramic diaphragms for loudspeakers. These diaphragms are thin and fragile but unite contradictionary properties like light weight, hardness and stiffness which are important for good diaphragms. The high speed of sound of ceramics shifts partial waves and resonances into the inaudible region where they can be cut off by steep frequency crossovers. These diaphragms enabled us to use our unique frequency crossover technology.

You can choose between the famous diamond or ceramic tweeter. Whatever your choice is you will get one of the best tweeters in the world. Updating from ceramic to diamond is always possible and easy done at your home.
A genuine midrange-driver:

The woofer-midrange driver of the Vescova Due to its hard aluminum dye-cast basket this driver offers perfect stability for the huge magnet and excellent sound transmission by the thin bars.